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The Peace of Moving Forward

Let me help you find your Yes.  What exactly is the Yes?  It is the joyful churning in the root of your belly when an idea lights you up.  The impetus, the call, the wave.  It's where hope, possibility, freedom, and expansiveness live; where the door opens and you're allowed in.  It's a warm fire on a rainy day, your favorite song on the radio, the check that just came in the mail.


Within in it there is spaciousness, ease, and answers you didn't previously know existed.


You'll know when you've accessed it because your defenses drop, and you can relax and

allow change to occur.  You suddenly feel capable of finding solutions, moving through

blocks, changing patterns, and creating lasting transformation.


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I call it the peace of moving forward. 

Find your peace, and move forward from there.

From a place of reverence, as a  Sacred Presence, I support the transformation of any part of your life you choose - body, mind, soul.

"Julie's massage is now a regular occasion to which I look forward with anticipation. Her presence is professional, personable, and genuine. Her studio is an island of serenity. Her effortless blending of classic technique and intuitive energy work is as powerful as it is peaceful and delicious."


Find out if my work is right for you, no strings attached.


My work can be of service if you want to:


  • Transform your physical pain and feel comfortable in your body

  • Experience a delightful, relaxing massage in a peaceful, healing environment

  • Regain your sense of clarity, drive, and focus

  • Be honored and acknowledged for who you are

  • Reconnect with your passion and what brings you joy

  • Create lasting change

  • Address and repattern trauma so you can feel whole again

  • Shift a relationship that feels stuck (with yourself and others)

  • Explore ways to create a sense of safety, self-worth, and home within that extends beyond your goals

  • Become aware of the ways in which possibility exists all around you

  • Nourish and uplift your heart and soul


Experience the difference.

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