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The Experience

My practice is designed to honor your individuality, and to meet you wherever you are in your process.  I have several different modalities to choose from, and together we choose which ones are right for you. 


You can receive bodywork, life coaching, or a combination of the twoDepending on which services you choose, sessions will take place either in person at my healing space in Veneta, Oregon, or via phone or Skype.  Click here for details on duration and cost.

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You don't need to know which session structure feels best for you before our first session.  Discovering who you are and what you need is part of the process of transformation, and we can do that in partnership.  Because your sessions are unique to you and your experience, each session may elicit a different tool.  You are not locked in to any one, from session to session we just continue to follow your Yes and see where it leads us.

You can also schedule a complementary 15-minute discovery session to help you gain clarity on whether the work is right for you and which modalities might fit your needs.

"Julie Brooks does not just do massage.  She is not just a coach.  She is a vehicle that allows for deeper integration into the wholeness and power of who you are."


"(Julie) has helped me on so many levels with a rare depth of compassion and presence.  If you are looking for a truly multidimensional, body/mind/spirit awakening, look no further.  Your work with Julie will transform you from the inside out."



  • Relaxing, nurturing massage

  • Relief from an injury

  • Intuitive, guided work that taps into the deeper picture of what your body is holding for you

  • Healing of emotional or physical trauma through the body

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Life Coaching:

  • A dynamic, transformative partnering between coach and client

  • Clarify and create an action plan towards goals

  • Move through blocks that have been holding you back

  • Reframe thought patterns for a healthier viewpoint

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Holistic Healing: Bodywork/Life Coaching combined (work done both on and off the table):

  • Use talk and  touch to explore the root cause of pain and/or blocks to access deeper, lasting healing

  • Receive your aha and ground it in the body

  • Empower yourself by reintegrating the mind and body, moving from disjointedness to wholeness

  • Access and release emotional and physical trauma by accessing both

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No matter which modalities we choose, the principle is the same:

In partnership, we access the place of  safety and ease, allowing transformation towards health, wellness and joy.



Experience the Peace of Moving Forward


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