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The Yes Continuum

For the most part, I don't believe in the concept of failure.  I mean, I get it, sometimes we do things that we regret, that didn't really go the way we planned.  Sometimes the consequences are big, sometimes they're small.


When we feel that we've failed or made a mistake it seems like an ending, like we have irreparably ruined something, hopelessly disappointing ourselves and others in the process.


There is no growth there.  Infact, the opposite often happens.  Our beliefs about failure can lead us to move backwards in our growth, because our natural response to pain is to withdraw from it.

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I believe that our choices and their consequences, barring great human cruelty, do not need to be something painful, and therefore to be withdrawn from.  I believe that they are actually an opportunity, to test the waters and to experience contrast - where without hot we don't know cold, without right we don't know wrong.


Simply, the Yes Continuum works like this:


  1. Develop the skill to have compassion for oneself, creating a safe space and allowing a healthy internal dialogue with the voices of fear, doubt and limitation. 

  2. Use that skill and feeling of safety to view your choices and their consequences as a beginning, not an ending.

  3. From your new starting point, with your broadened perspective, relax and home in on your Yes (the thing that feels in alignment with your deepest desires and values), so you can follow it to your desired destination.

  4. Use your Yes as a tool to stand in strength and clarity, exponentially expanding into the life you want (this applies to your relationship with your health, your significant others, and your environment): the Continuum



The Yes Continuum is the theory that compassion for oneself leads to exponential healing and growth.



The Yes is a multi-layered thing, but ultimately it is the capacity to love and trust yourself through any experience, whether it appears to be good or bad.  The Yes Continuum, then, is the journey of expanding into a full, joyous life by following your Yes, one step after another.


On the continuum, with each life experience you deepen your capacity for self-nurturing.  You continue to build upon your previous understanding, moving FORWARD in your growth as you navigate through all areas of life: your health, your past, your relationships, your career, your successes and your failures. 


You are empowered with the ability to support yourself, just as an encouraging, compassionate parent would, carrying with you the knowledge that what you experience can actually HELP you, not hurt you.


The Yes Continuum is about LOVING yourself to wellness.  It's about re-parenting yourself, and actually re-patterning your brain while you do it.


As unrealistic or challenging as it may seem, the Yes Continuum is based on the perspective that there are no mistakes, only opportunities to grow.


Follow the path to compassionate empowerment.



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