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Holistic Healing

120-minute session $150


With the intention of goal setting and overall transformation and wellness, the session includes both life coaching and  bodywork, integrating body and mind for more profound and lasting healing.

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Body • Mind • Spirit

It is different here.

You can get a massage anywhere.  Here, it's about seeing and acknowledging ALL OF YOU, not just your shoulder, or your fibromyalgia, or your past.  Oftentimes the roots of healing are multi-layered, and one form of treatment may not be enough. So, we partner in identifying your deepest needs and tailor your session (or group of sessions) to who you are and where you are in your process.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to receive a coaching session to talk about your stress, and then immediately after receive a massage to release it?   Or to uncover and shift a long held trauma, or a negative belief about yourself, or a block about money, and then integrate it physically AND emotionally?


Our bodies and emotions are inseparable.  When we have an experience it is stored in our bodies as well as our brains.  Patterns are created in order to protect us, and they won't release unless it feels safe to do soIt is my main priority to help you feel at ease, so that your body and mind feel safe enough to let go of the limitation and allow change to occur.  

Imagine how much deeper you could get to the source, to the healing, and to the sense of empowerment that comes from knowing the whole story, and be able to change it.


Here, you get to decide whether your healing and transformation would best be served by being treated to a luxurious, pampering self-care session, or a deep, get-down-to-business-and-create-an-action-plan-to-move- forward-with-your-goals coaching session.  Or a session where we don't talk at all and help your body reconnect with safe, healthy touch.  Or a combination of those.  Or...(insert your goal here).   


No matter which modalities we choose, the principle is the same:  In partnership, we access the place of  safety and ease, allowing transformation towards health, wellness and joy.






Experience the difference.


"(Julie) has helped me on so many levels with a rare depth of compassion and presence.  If you are looking for a truly multidimensional, body/mind/spirit awakening, look no further.  Your work with Julie will transform you from the inside out."

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