Kind Words

Julie Brooks is an angel. I'm serious. She is a light in a darkening world. 


Two years ago, I was referred to her by a chiropractor who found me difficult to adjust. He thought Julie's ministrations might assist in releasing muscular tensions, particularly those blocking his immediate efforts.


And he was right.


Julie's massage is now a regular occasion to which I look forward with anticipation. Her presence is professional, personable, and genuine. Her studio is an island of serenity. Her effortless blending of classic technique and intuitive energy work is as powerful as it is peaceful and delicious. 


Say what you will about beings of Biblical investment. When she holds you in her wings, you'll understand.


- David E


I cannot measure...the additional and powerful impact of the holistic health benefits of interacting with Julie's caring, dedicated and directed care. It's real and powerful because she puts her heart, soul and her abilities to work on you.

- Joel L

Julie Brooks does not just do massage.  She is not just a coach.  She is a vehicle that allows for deeper integration into the wholeness and power of who you are. 


She has helped me on so many levels with a rare depth of compassion and presence.  If you are looking for a truly multidimensional, body/mind/spirit awakening, look no further.  Your work with Julie will transform you from the inside out.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      -Jen R

Julie is an amazing healer. She's so compassionate and offers much more than a massage, but not in the pervy way ;) she offers love and energy that stays with you long after you leave her beautiful massage room in the woods.

- Serena M

Julie Brooks is a gifted healer. She has the unique ability to form a connection that is real and deep with her clients. I have experienced this over the years through her massage, reiki, craniosacral work and coaching.


My background is complex, but includes trauma, abuse and chronic illness. Julie is able to adjust to where I am effortlessly and energetically tune in to what my body and my heart needs.


Words can't really express Julie's passion and ability to help others. I have seen countless practitioners and therapists over the years. I consider Julie to be an essential part of my healing process. 

-Faith L

This is (Julie's) big gift - how gentle she is, and how she comes across as being so loving and caring and connected to whomever she's talking to.  Her strength is to help them reclaim their power relatively quickly, because of how much she can honor where they are and push their envelope at the same time, allowing them to have the space to really step into it; and so gently, so lovingly, which is totally the anecdote for what happened to them. 

- Jill C

Our experience with Julie has been life changing. Her intuition, combined with Reiki, has given us more insight into our wellness than any others...Her combined coaching/massage therapy has changed both our lives physically and mentally. I cherish every session with Julie. 

-Eron W

Julie's massages are like having the divine poured into your body through a pitcher from her hands. She works on the physical level to awaken pure inspiration and self love. Do not miss a chance to give yourself this body and soul nurturing!

- Marina  O


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