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Experience Wholeness  

Know Your Strength ​​

Achieve Your Dreams ​​

Healing Starts Here.



When you book a session with Julie Brooks, you will receive the experience of being nurtured, understood, and supported; body, mind, and soul. 

You will step, literally or figuratively, into my healing space in the woods, and let the world drift away. Here, you can expect to be reunited with the you that you want to be, joyful, whole, well.  You set your intention and accomplish your goal:  


To relax.

To heal.

To be cared for.

To be fulfilled.  


It may sound impossible, but I assure you it isn't. 


If you're tired of being in pain, of feeling sad, stuck, or frustrated, I welcome you.


If you're fine where you are but know there can be more, I support you.

I call it the peace of moving forward. 

Find your peace, and move forward from there.

Experience the difference.

From a place of reverence, as a  Sacred Presence, I support the transformation of every part of you

- body, mind, soul.


You are special.


And your massage should reflect it.  This is about you.  Allow yourself to be nurtured.  Receive.  Fill your cup, as you are treated to a luxurious, relaxing experience.  This is your time; healing, rejuvenating, body, mind, and soul. 

Back Massage
"Julie's massage is now a regular occasion to which I look forward with anticipation. Her presence is professional, personable, and genuine. Her studio is an island of serenity. Her effortless blending of classic technique and intuitive energy work is as powerful as it is peaceful and delicious."


You are capable of great things.  Sometimes you just need someone to support you in getting there.  As your life coach, it is my goal to help you find peace when you're overwhelmed, clarity and direction when you feel confused, and the motivation and strength to achieve your dreams.

Holistic Therapy

Imagine being able to uncover and express your deepest needs and have them met on every level? 


The body talks, and with Holistic Therapy, we listen.  We combine massage, coaching, and other tools to uncover and process the clues your body is giving you, treating the whole being, to create lasting change.  

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Trauma Healing

The pain that comes from trauma is...complicated.  Layer upon layer of emotions fuse together over time, leaving you with a sense of overwhelm, unsure of how to unravel the sadness, shame, and hopelessness, among other things. 

Because I have experienced it, I understand your pain.  Here, it is safe to express it, and together we will make sense of it, reclaim your true self.  and allow you to be whole again.

Image by Lina Trochez

During our sessions, you can:

Know true relaxation and healing on all levels.


Bring all that you are, your darkness and your light, and be seen, acknowledged, and deeply understood without criticism or judgement.

 Reclaim your sense of safety, confidence, and strength.


Understand and unravel your pain, and be supported in transforming it, for good.

Nourish and uplift your heart and soul.

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Meet Julie

I have spent most of my life dedicated to the journey of healing.  Having experienced physical, sexual, and emotional trauma, I always knew that the pain and limitation I was experiencing wasn't all there was, that underneath it all I was capable of being, feeling, and achieving so much more.  After much hard work, I have reached a place of clarity, and of peace, and I can truly say that I am my own best friend.


It is in that spirit of healing that I became a bodyworker and life coach, so that I can help share my experience and support my clients in achieving the safety, self-love, and joy that I know is possible for them.  

It really is possible.

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