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Being human, it is inveitable that at some point you'll get stuck in patterns that can cause physical or emotional pain and dissatisfaction, preventing you from creating the life you envision for yourself. 


Those patterns, or blocks, are nothing more than your ego’s way of protecting you.  No matter how badly you want the thing you're striving for, if on some level you don’t believe that your needs can be met, you go into lock-down mode and become unable to move through the pattern and towards it

unless it feels safe to do so.


Whether I am providing bodywork, life coaching, mediation or a combination of services, it is my goal to identify and address the unmet need beneath the block, creating a safe place for your body and mind to

envision another way.

This is an opportunity to receive 6 sessions of life coaching for the price of one.


Honoring and integrating your past, present, and future, you will create a roadmap to your dreams and action steps to help you get there.



Don’t miss out, space is limited!

Finding Your Yes: Living an Empowered and Impassioned Life

A 6-Week Workshop

Join a group of women who share a unified desire to empower themselves and design a life they love.

Jan 24 - Feb 28, 2018

"Julie is an amazing healer. She's so compassionate and offers much more than a massage, but not in the pervy way ;).  She offers love and energy that stays with you long after you leave her beautiful massage room in the woods."

- Serena M

There is another way. 

And you have access to it anytime you choose.

I treat the heart, body, and mind as one entity, looking to each to provide information on the other.  Even if I'm applying deeper pressure to release an injury, my underlying philosophy remains unchanged: stay curious, intuitive and open to the body's innate wisdom.

I am not the healer, I am your partner.  From a place of reverence, as a  sacred presence, I create a supportive environment, inviting your body and mind to heal itself.  I help empower you to re-frame the way you view yourself, your injuries, your pain, your life, and the world. 

Resolve Conflict.



Focus here is professional, yet infused with Julie.  don't try and pretend to be someone you're not.  I am warm, honest, compassionate, fair.  Decide with whom I want to work for now.  If it's just marriage, that's fine.  Parent/teen also.  Maybe mention that I am in training and offering a reduced rate.  Ask Clare about that.



Here, the premise of every session, every modality, every interaction is of compassion, transformation, growth, and an understanding that your soul already knows the answers.  Your body knows how to heal. 


Our bodies and emotions are inseparable.  When we have an experience it is stored in our bodies.  Patterns are created in order to protect us, and they won't release unless it feels safe to do so


Whether it be physiological or psychological - muscle or mind - we are designed to create limitations to keep us safe.


It is my main priority to help you feel at ease, so that your body and mind feel safe enough to let go of the limitation and allow change to occur.  




I treat the heart, body, and mind as one entity. 


You can a relaxing massage is best for you, coaching is best for you, or This is a place where you can be seen, you can choose, and you are in charge.


Together, we connect mind, body, and spirit to move you forward into wholeness.  Not perfection, but wholeness.


Find resolution to long-term disputes (learn more>)


  • $100/hour (sessions can last anywhere from 2-6 hours)

  • Package discounts available (see below)


Single sessions $100

$285 for 3 session package ($5 off ea session)

$465 for 5 session package ($7 off ea session)
$560 for 7 session package ($10 off ea session)

$750 for 10 session package ($15 off ea session)

Our bodies and emotions are inseparable.  We can't help but experience our emotional stress and pain (and joy) in our physical bodies, and our physical stress and pain in our emotions.  Sometimes the roots of healing are multi-layered, and one form of treatment may not be enough.


Our bodies hold onto things.  We have an experience and it becomes stored within us.  Whether it be physiological or psychological - muscle or mind - we are designed to create limitations to keep us safe.

However, we can get stuck in those limitations, and we need to make a conscious effort to let go and create new patterns so that healing can take place.


Wouldn't it be nice to be able to receive a coaching session to talk about our stress, and then immediately after receive a massage to release it?  Or to unearth a long held belief about ourselves and then continue that unearthing in the physical body?  Or to be on the massage table working with an injured part and dialogue the emotional source of the pain?


This work may be right for you if:


  • You have a sense that your injury and your past experiences may be connected

  • You want to become more tuned into your mind-body connection

  • You want to explore ways to become more grounded in your physical body

  • You want to experience safe, healthy touch and be able to talk about it

  • You would like all of you to be honored and validated

  • You have an injury that just won't heal and you suspect that it may be more than physical

  • You want to change your beliefs about what it means to be safe



There are many reasons why combining words and touch are so valuable.  Integrating our whole selves in our healing cannot be underestimated.  Call or click here to schedule a free 15-minute discovery session to find out more.

Step Into Empowered Wholeness.   Life can feel overwhelming.  Even with the best of life experiences we can feel trapped within the boundaries of the lives we've created.  Add to that any physical and emotional pain, and things can feel even difficult to navigate.   We create patterned responses to our experiences and become stuck in those patterns and unable to see a way out.  We start to feel separate from moreourselves, and lose track of what it feels like to be healthy, happy, and in charge of our own lives.

Somatic Healing: An effective way to discharge stress, blocked emotions, and trauma, this process encourages healing in your body as well as your mind, emotions and spirit.  With a combination of communication and touch I support you in becoming aware of  bodily sensations  through safety, comfort, stillness and breath awareness.


Combination (Bodywork and Coaching):

90-120 minute sessions (including verbal processing - on and off

the table - and bodywork)  $150

I view each person as unique and complex, our emotional and physical pain and experience not only entwined but inseparable. It is my intention as a practitioner to see each person for who they are and what they need, and to create a bodywork session that honors that. Some may simply appreciate a relaxing, luxurious massage; others may want to receive treatment for an injury; and others may want to get to the emotional root of their physical pain and work on releasing it. There are myriad ways in which I can address each client’s needs, and underneath it all is one common thread: every person is held in a safe, welcoming environment in which they are supported and valued for exactly who they are.

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