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Life Coaching

Relax into the Peace of Who You Truly Are

and Move Forward From There

"I highly recommend Julie as a life coach. She is perceptive, patient, insightful and easy to build rapport with. I feel that Julie was truly born to do this work."

-Amy M (OR)

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Gently and without so that you can intentionally create that which you desire.judgement, I hold space for you to explore the possibilities of your own life. I walk beside you as you uncover what's been hiding beneath the surface,


Coaching will support your living authentically by helping you:


  • Learn how to discover goals and articulate them.

  • Find and maintain motivation.

  • Discover and clear obstaces that may be getting in the way of moving forward.

  • Find tools to be with and transform your past and your pain.

  • Create a roadmap of where you would like to go and how to get there – one that comes from listening to your true self.

Step Into Empowered Wholeness.


-Are you looking for ways to bring more meaning and purpose to your work or life, but just don’t know where to start?

-Do you feel disconnected from your own sense of joy, passion and vision?

-Have you forgotten how to dream?

-Do you feel alone, unsupported, or like you could find your way, if only you had a little help?

-Are you tired of being in pain?

-Do you wish you could just turn off those voices in your head that say, "you can't?"

-Have you reached the point where you are no longer satisfied with just surviving your life, but are instead ready to live an empowered life free from the burdens of the past?




You have the innate capacity to create wellness, safety, wholeness, and your own place of perfection.   

You are safe, you are loved, you are home.  

It is my goal to support you in regaining touch with your passion, your vision, and your future.  Through body, mind, and soul you can begin to make sense of and embrace who you are, where you've been and where you're going.  


It is possible to break free of old patterns of pain and limitation.   You can feel whole and strong in your body, connected with your own strength, wisdom, and power, and intentionally create a life of meaning and joy.  I am here to help you do it.


It isn't about living a perfect life, it's about living an empowered life.


Release Your Past

Value Your Present

Create Your Future

What is life coaching?


Life coaching is a dynamic partnership between coach and clientin a thought-provoking, creative process that inspies.  Life coaches will work with their clients to guide and inspire them to design and execute their own solutions to their problems and challenges. They are facilitators of change, and focus on supporting uncover their highest potential the client to tap into their own innate wisdom and transformation; but they recognize that the client is the only true expert when it comes to their own lives.


At the core of life We all possess the ability to create our own reality through our thoughts, intentions, beliefs coaching is the belief that every person has the capability to access their own answers in order to be, do and have anything they desire. and actions; sometimes we just need a little support getting there.


soul; past, present andWholistic Wellness Coaching, as I practice it, takes in the entire being: body mind, and future.  It combines the power of supportive listening, dynamic questioning, and integration of learning to create a powerful recipe for transformation.  Tools, action steps, accountability, a road map - with all of these we honor your past, embrace your present, and create your future.



What is the difference between counseling and coaching?


In a counseling session, the initial focus is is often on underlying issues from the past.  A client works with a counselor or therapist to identify and dignose a behavior, look for it's root cause, and work through painful feelings.   Coaching, in comparison, puts the majority of the focus on the client's growth and forward movement in the present and future.  It is also important to me to hold space for issues from the past when they arise, because we are not separate from our pasts.  They influence who we are and every decision we make. 




How much will coaching cost, and how long can I expect it to last?

*For session rates, click here


The actual cost/duration of coaching varies by where you are in the process.  Coaching happens in phases, so the actual monthly cost of investing in your growth and on achieving your goals will vary depending on what phase of the work you are in.  Ultimately, you are in charge of how long and how often you receive sessions.  In order to receive the best results my clients and I generally follow these guidelines:


At the beginning of the coaching relationship it is helpful to meet weekly a few times in order to gain traction.  At this stage we are developing trust,  and beginning to identify and uncover your goals and the obstacles keeping you from reaching those goals.  This self-discovery process lays the foundation for the action-oriented work to come.


Once you begin to create clarity, self awareness, and movement in the direction of your goals, it is actually most helpful to cut back on weekly meetings so that you have more time and space to practice the skills, strategies, and ideas that you’re learning in life coaching. During this phase my clients usually meet with me every other week.


When you feel that you are making consistent progress, we cut back to monthly meetings. This allows you to stand on your own, test your new skills, and determine where you’re feeling confident and where you feel that you need more support. Monthly life coaching sessions help you stay on track

long term.


Once they’ve met their goals, most people choose to stay connected with their coach and meet

for quarterly “check in” sessions. This allows them to review what strategies are working well and what needs to be tweaked in order to continue their forward progress.


Invest in yourself, and in your life. You are worth it.




"You will never be ale to escape from your heart. 

So it is better to listen to what it has to say. "

-Paulo Coehlo ("The Alchemist")


  • Shift: You feel stuck, and are curious why you keep repeating old patterns and ending up in the same situations over and over again.

  • Motivate: You seek clarity, direction or purpose in your life.

  • Transform: You can't shake the feeling that there's something wrong with you, or your life.

  • Support: You feel alone and in need of a champion, a guide, or simply a compassionate neutral perspective.



"For all these years you've protected the seed. 

It's time to become the flower."

-Stephen C. Paul

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